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Re: SEUL: Re: What's the diff to SEUL ?

> Well, for the SEUL team as a _group_, I don't see development
> of these components as a core task.
> . . .
> Of course if members of the SEUL don't have enough to do
> with the core tasks we're facing here, it would certainly
> help if the joined respective groups with their SEUL
> experience in mind.

Exactly.  Our primary goal should be to find existing projects that "fit the 
bill" and help them out as necessary.  Only if nothing exists should we try 
to build something ourselves.  SEUL won't be writing all that much code, 
really.  Its primary function is as a catalyst.  Almost everything's out 
there, but no one knows it.

One area where we will be a primary producer is in the area of coordinating 
and developing some standards, including a core distribution and layers.  
This I think will be almost as big an accomplishment as actually shipping an 
end-user friendly distribution.

Weekend's coming up soon, so I'll start writing these things down.  We now 
have someone working feverishly on the web site and it's related services, so 
there should soon be quite a bit of information on the site.


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