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SEUL: services

There are a few services that I can provide to seul if it would be of

The debian-user and debian-devel mailing lists are pretty high-traffic.  I
can provide these in the form of Usenet newsfeeds if it would be helpful
to anyone.

I can also provide some virtual domain email service.  For example: 

register seul.ml.org for free with ml.org.  I then map individual
addresses within seul.ml.org to mailboxes at other destinations. Example:

user1@seul.ml.org --> someone@domain.com
user2@seul.ml.org --> someone-else@other-domain.com

And Bruce, if you watch this list, I can provide the same service for
projects within debian ... example:


leader@diety.ml.org ---> someone@domain.com

George Bonser 
If NT is the answer, you didn't understand the question. (NOTE: Stolen sig)
Debian/GNU Linux ... the maintainable operating system.