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Re: SEUL: Re: SEUL distribution?

jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:
>    > -How good is the DEbian user interface?  You don't even get
>    > auto-upgradable menus. And you get mosly raw X apps so the user is
>    > supposed to twinkle with resources.  :-(
>    Hey, where has this person been? We have better auto-upgrading of menus than
> Basically testing every distribution I can put my hands on, getting
> ideas from them and thinking in the ways of improving them in order
> one day I can say "Use Linux" to my sister.
>    Red Hat, and we had it first.
> RedHat got auto-updatable menus as soon as RH4.0 (autumn96).  By that
> time Debian was still in Beta.

I think you are mistaken about this.  I believe you're about a year
off.  I've been using Debian since Dec.95. version 0.9x.  I could be a
year off, I guess, but I don't think so.  At any rate I'm sure Bruce
will correct us.

> I confess than my two experinces in Debian have been short.  I tend to
> makde them longer and more exhaustive but I had much expectations on
> Debian and the first impression I got (not necessarily right) was than
> it was a distribution targeted for computer-phreaks.  So
> disapointement was a factor in the shortness of the experience

I don't see where you got this idea.  Debian has always had everything
I've wanted, save a thing or two, in general in addition to some of the
programs I guess you are refering to as for computer freaks.

> In the particular of auto-updatable menus: I tested this with Debian
> 1.3.  I exited X and uninstalled an application I had seen in the
> menus (I did it dselect).  I restarted X.  The application still
> showed in the menus.  If I was supposed to start a special command in
> order to get menus updated then that is better than hand editing but
> it still falls short if the target is an end user.  And if I was
> supposed to start a command then Debian is not doing better but worse
> than distributions were the simple fact of installing or uninstalling
> apps upgrades menus.

This would be a problem in the uninstall script.  It should have run
update-menus after the program was purged.  This is what bug reports are