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Re: SEUL: Re: SEUL distribution?

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On 16 Jan 1998 jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:

> I have a last observation: an important factor of succes is
> associating people to the project and the way you treat them.  Every
> one having received an announce for something as important as a change
> of base distribution?  I haven't and it seemed I was not the only
> surprised.  So if this is not a mail lost problem I find such things
> highly unfortunate.

I'm sorry if it's sounded like the decisions been "made".  The decision is
well-formed, but I explicitly posted an RFC to the list.  What I am
reading now is very useful, as it helps me decide whether this is the
right way to go.  However, it will take quite a few good reasons to
convince me that it is not.

I will soon outline all the reasons I have seen both for and against using
Debian, and will post that.  The weekend draws near, so I should have a
little more time to do this.

I want to keep communication as open as possible.  This is one reason why
I would like to start from Debian.

P.S. *please* use the reply-to at the top of these messages.  I'm posting
these from a work using a mailer that can't easily set the reply-to
header.  Some mail may get lost for a day or two (over weekends) if sent

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