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Re: SEUL:What's the diff to SEUL ?

I wrote:
> PPP front ends are the wrong appoach.  Much better to set up
> demand-dialing.

Rick Jones writes:

> First off, diald (demand dialing)....  

Not diald.  pppd-2.3 provides demand-dialling.

> ...involves the setup of ppp.

Which should be handled by a ppp configuration utility (I'm working on

> Also, this would be narrowing the scope of the end-user to only those
> that a) don't use the internet/network they are dialing that often,...

I don't follow you here.  I use demand-dialling (via request-route) and
find it very convenient.  Why should the end-user have to run a ppp
front-end program every time she wants to check out a web page?

> b) don't receive _incoming_ network connections at all.

How does demand-dialling preclude this?  In any case, incoming ppp is a
completely seperate issue (who besides isp's needs it?)

> So a _good_ user interface to ppp is a definate plus.

Dial-up ppp, once configured, should no more need a "user interface" than
does a LAN.
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