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Re: SEUL:What's the diff to SEUL ?

john@dhh.gt.org wrote:
> Not diald.  pppd-2.3 provides demand-dialling.

When did this happen?  Is this the most recent version?  Are you using
Debian?  Sorry, bud, I thought you meant diald.

> > Also, this would be narrowing the scope of the end-user to only those
> > that a) don't use the internet/network they are dialing that often,...
> I don't follow you here.  I use demand-dialling (via request-route) and
> find it very convenient.  Why should the end-user have to run a ppp
> front-end program every time she wants to check out a web page?

This goes back to not knowing the new pppd does this.  Diald uses a
bogus slip device when the link is down and set's it as the
defaultroute.  That means you can't dial manually if you want your
connection up for longer than the timeout value without shutting down
diald, which isn't a big deal for the initiated but a basic end-user
might not understand why he/she has a connection and is getting no
response back from the internet.

> > b) don't receive _incoming_ network connections at all.
> How does demand-dialling preclude this?  In any case, incoming ppp is a
> completely seperate issue (who besides isp's needs it?)

How would an interface user setup a web page on his own system if his
system only establishes a ppp link when there are outbound packets?

Surely you're not saying that people, other than ISP's, use their system
as any kind of server for other systems, either private network via ppp
or simple stuff over the internet?  This means the link has to be up to
receive traffic as well as brought up when there is outbound traffic.

> Dial-up ppp, once configured, should no more need a "user interface" than
> does a LAN.

Really?  I have 2 pop's I use under the same ISP.  One is a static IP,
the other is a dynamic one.  Some people dial into their office network
and the internet.  I'm sure there are even more reasons to have an
interface to *using* ppp in addition to *configuring* ppp.