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Re: SEUL:What's the diff to SEUL ?

I wrote:
> pppd-2.3 provides demand-dialling.

Rick Jones writes:
> When did this happen?

It's in 2.3.1.  Doesn't seem to be ready for prime-time yet, but I think it
will be by the time Debian 2.0 comes out.  pppd 2.3 also offers a 'call'
option which makes it much easier to deal with multiple isp's.

> How would an interface user setup a web page on his own system if his
> system only establishes a ppp link when there are outbound packets?

??? How would his system establish a dialup ppp link when there are inbound

> This means the link has to be up to receive traffic as well as brought up
> when there is outbound traffic.

Then, unlike most people, you have a 7/24 link.  You tell the config
program that you want the dial-up ppp link to be established at boot and
kept up.  No problem, and no need for a "user interface".

> Really?  I have 2 pop's I use under the same ISP.  One is a static IP,
> the other is a dynamic one.

Fairly unusual, I think.

> Some people dial into their office network and the internet.

So you configure the isp connection to the Internet for demand-dial, and
use dunc to call your office.  Transparent demand-dialling to the Internet
need not preclude the use of programs like dunc and wvdial.

The overwhelming majority of home users have a dialup dynamic-ip acoount
with an isp.  They want to configure ppp when they install Linux and have
it just work.  Fancy stuff like dialling into the machines at work can come
later (when they can get on the Net to get help!).
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