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Re: SEUL:What's the diff to SEUL ?

john@dhh.gt.org wrote:
> So you configure the isp connection to the Internet for demand-dial, and
> use dunc to call your office.  Transparent demand-dialling to the Internet
> need not preclude the use of programs like dunc and wvdial.
> The overwhelming majority of home users have a dialup dynamic-ip acoount
> with an isp.  They want to configure ppp when they install Linux and have
> it just work.

Hmm, I must admit that I have no clue what demand-dial
is, but no matter who or what is causing the number
of my ISP to be called, I _must_ be prompted for
it.  This is best done by a little GUI dialog when
running X11 IMO.  This notification must be done
because otherwise the modem will stay switched off,
or I'll be calling someone on the same line, etc.
I say this dialog is likely to be found in a ppp
front-end, together with an info field to indicate
how long I've been connected and maybe a little
line stating how much money I've spend today/this
month so far :O)
And if it _tells_ me whether the ISDN was successful
or whether it had to use the 14.4 fallback, even better.
(Where ISDN is theory in my case ;)