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Re: SEUL:What's the diff to SEUL ?

john@dhh.gt.org wrote:
> George Bonser writes:
> > Several PPP front-ends ... what is the problem with them? Adopt one.
> PPP front ends are the wrong appoach.  Much better to set up demand-dialing.

First off, diald (demand dialing) involves the setup of ppp.  Also, this
would be narrowing the scope of the end-user to only those that a) don't
use the internet/network they are dialing that often, b) don't receive
_incoming_ network connections at all.

I don't use a front-end to ppp since I find it trivial to configure and
run, other than a shell script to start it I suppose, so I haven't
looked with any vigor for a good front-end, but the ones I have glanced
at in passing sucked, from the standpoint of an interface user.  So a
_good_ user interface to ppp is a definate plus.

I had actually thought of writing one in xforms or something, for my CI
family to use.  My thought was to create an interface to all the network
interfaces in one program.

I'm new to this list, is this SEUL to be a GUI oriented project?  I
don't want to make that assumtion, as logical as it might be.