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Re: SEUL: Re: What's the diff to SEUL ?

George Bonser wrote:
> On Fri, 16 Jan 1998, Kai Wetzel wrote:
> > Well, for the SEUL team as a _group_, I don't see development
> > of these components as a core task.  We've got at least three
> > desktop projects besides Qt-bound KDE which try to develop,
> Push your resources here toward Gnome.

Well, the first thing to ask for is to push
resources towards the central aspects of SEUL,
which isn't developing end-user applications.

For _individuals_ who find out that they can
help the SEUL best by developing end-user apps
themselves this is likely to be most promising
in on-going efforts (GNOME, fOX, LIP, eXode,
FADE, whatever).

Whether the Gtk/GNOME environment is the one
to go for should IMHO be an educated opinion
based on facts, common beliefs, and _individual_
assumptions and preferences.

For the SEUL as a whole, it's important to watch
the outcome of _any_ of the Free desktop projects to
pick the applications which are best for the SEUL
target audience.  I see no reason to tie ourselves
to any particular user apps or not to abandon one which
has come to age.
> > (among other things) end-user applications such as irc clients,
> WHat is wrong with existing IRC clients?

I don't know.  I havn't used one in Linux.  As at least
one of the desktop projects besides KDE is writing a new
one it seems that IRC clients are one arbitrary example
of which apps desktop projects are writing.

> > ppp front-ends
> Several PPP front-ends ... what is the problem with them? Adopt one.

Again, I don't use a ppp front-end, either.  But the fact that
the KDE team has written one and that I heard this idea
on another desktop project list (not sure which one)
indicates that it isn't very surprising for desktop
projects to find a programmer who intends to write
a ppp front-end.

> , spreadsheets
> Ok, so far the free spreadsheets suck.

Hmm, I don't use a spreadsheet but I remember I tried
Excel once, and it was by far the nicest Microsoft app
I've seen ;O)

> > (In the domain of app development that is)
> Basicly, we need a FreeOffice suite.

Basically, since saying "we need a FreeOffice suite"
is very right but won't get us one, the above list points
out some things which can take place inside the SEUL
group _as_such_.

Best regards,