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Re: SEUL: Re: What's the diff to SEUL ?

George Bonser wrote:

> And their instance on usinmg KDE will absolutely kill the product. It will
> prevent anyone from selling their distribution and will prevent all but
> the large companies from developing packages for it.

First of all, it's not insistance, it's just the currently expedient

If it will kill the product, why does the KDE project seem to be going
along so well?

As for people selling the distribution. I'm pretty sure the Qt licence
does not prevent this. In fact, S.u.s.e. is currently including it with
their distribution.

If anyone understands these issues better than me, please let us all
know! I agree that if is illegal to distribute a kde distribution for a
fee, it is pretty much dead in the water.

As for developers, while QT's fee seems huge to use individuals, it's
really not all that big if you consider how much labor can be saved.
They also have a shareware licence, that allows the licence fee to be a
function of how many units are actaully sold, so I don't think it's as
bad as it looks. Most comercial software in the windows world is
developed with comercial toolkits anyway.

> What is wrong with fvwm2 and fvwm-buttons?

Nothings wrong with them. It's just that fvwm2 is a window manager, not
a complete desktop package!



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