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Re: SEUL: Re: What's the diff to SEUL ?

On Fri, 16 Jan 1998, Chris Barker wrote:

> > At a certain point, e-Linux and SEUL will start going their own ways, given
> > that e-Linux intends to use KDE (I still don't understand why).
> Because it's there! Of everything I've seen, and I scan the web
> regularly, it absolutely the best and most complete desktop available.
> It's actually usable NOW. GNOME has a long way to go, but I hope it gets
> there, and e-linux may switch over when it's done. If e-linux and SEUL
> use the same basic distibution, the two could merge easily in the
> future.
> -Chris

And their instance on usinmg KDE will absolutely kill the product. It will
prevent anyone from selling their distribution and will prevent all but
the large companies from developing packages for it.

What is wrong with fvwm2 and fvwm-buttons?

George Bonser 
If NT is the answer, you didn't understand the question. (NOTE: Stolen sig)
Debian/GNU Linux ... the maintainable operating system.