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SEUL: Re: What's the diff to SEUL ?

Erik Walthinsen wrote:

> SEUL (w/e-Linux help maybe) will take the existing Debian distrib (bo) and
> strip it down to a "basic" distribution, i.e. kernel, sysvinit, *utils, XFree
> libs, etc.  Such a system will boot, but not do much interesting stuff at
> all.  This then would become the minimal "core" distribution.
> Once this exists, SEUL and e-Linux would work on deciding on some fundamental
> packages, then start building up (using existing Debian packages or
> modifications thereof *whenever* *possible*) to a more complete distribution.

I think this is absolutely the way to go! kde-dist/e-linux folks: Please
let's go with this approach, and preferably use the same "basic
distribution" as SEUL.

> At a certain point, e-Linux and SEUL will start going their own ways, given
> that e-Linux intends to use KDE (I still don't understand why).

Because it's there! Of everything I've seen, and I scan the web
regularly, it absolutely the best and most complete desktop available.
It's actually usable NOW. GNOME has a long way to go, but I hope it gets
there, and e-linux may switch over when it's done. If e-linux and SEUL
use the same basic distibution, the two could merge easily in the



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