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SEUL: Re: extension binding/enlightenment

Paul Anderson wrote:
>Forget GNOME.  Forget KDE.  Elightenment blows them all away.  I just
>checked it out, they've been doing a LOT of work on it.  The source is
>only 79k, the graphics are 2Meg.  It's amazing...  TTYL!

I've been using Enlightenment on my local machine for several months now. It's
pretty stable, but it still has a long way to go before it's efficient enough
to work for me. (My X keeps growing to about 150 megs of ram usage over the
course of a few weeks.) Note that Rasterman (the guy in charge of E) is on the
RHAD team. So don't forget GNOME yet...

starsend@interlog.com wrote:
>        Some people expressed interest in "extension" binding. You know that
>        thing that when you click on x.doc in windows word for windows is
>        launched with x.doc.

It strikes me that we have a very powerful 'file' command, to determine what
sort of thing a given file is. Is it feasible to extend the functionality of
this command enough that we don't have to have explicit extensions?