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Re: SEUL: enlightenment

> Forget GNOME.  Forget KDE.  Elightenment blows them all away.  I just
> checked it out, they've been doing a LOT of work on it.  The source is
> only 79k, the graphics are 2Meg.  It's amazing...  TTYL!

You're confusing interface projects with a window manager.  GNOME and KDE are 
complete projects providing libraries, "the look", and applets/applications.  
KDE provides a window manager, GNOME doesn't currently.  Enlightenment is
just a window manager.

Note, however that Enlightenment and GNOME are going to be merging somewhat, 
as raster is on both teams, as well as part of RHAD.  Raster is working on a 
rewrite (DR14) of Enl, and is discussing themes on the GNOME list.  In 
another month or two, we will see GNOME and Enl working together, hopefully 
with the same interfaces all the way around.

Hopefully, SEUL will be using GNOME/Enl, and will have the necessary input 
into the whole project so it does what we need.

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