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Re: SEUL: Re: What's the diff to SEUL ? (fwd)

Rick Jones wrote:
> George Bonser wrote:

> I think a bare SVGA setup ids the best option, VGA to be on
> the absolute safe side.

I think that's a good approach.

> > This is where many distributions try to get too cute.  Look, if an ISP
> > will except a default Windows95 dialup without any scripting or input from
> > the user, then it will most likely accept a PAP Linux connection.
> Not true.  Windows 95 uses PAP in addition to login.  If one fails it
> falls back to the other.
> > No need for cute dialup scripts like Red Hat and Slackware.
> There's nothing *cute* about it.  It's needed for CI or should I say LI
> (Linux Illiterate) users.  I can't count how many people have emailed me
> or the Debian list, from Windoze, because they couldn't get ppp up.

Same for me.  I needed to contact our LIP administrator
to fix the script that was given as a suggestion somewhere.
It turned out the modem init wasn't working as expected.