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Re: SEUL: What's the diff to SEUL ?

George Bonser wrote:
> On Sat, 17 Jan 1998, Micah Yoder wrote:
> > 1.  I agree that all software *WE WRITE* should be based completely on
> > free software.  However, does that mean we can't distribute Qt and the
> > (increasing number of) free applications that use it?
> I agree, I am going to sub myself to seul-dev-dist and see if we can't get
> this discussion over there. I think that is where the discussion of what
> the distribution should include should take place.

Yes, however, we should try to move some of the gui
discussion over to seul-dev-apps (e.g. what X text editor
to pick, etc.)  In general, I think that seul-dev-distrib
could base it's conclusions on the findings of seul-dev-apps
in the gui area.  Not very important now, but once we get
more traffic we'll be happy to have another list for the
gui details :O)



This group researches apps available for Linux, and writes reviews
focusing on features of those apps which make them good or bad for the
end-user.  After determining which apps are best, they may improve areas
of each app which were determined to be weak from the end-user
and adapt the app to fit into the SEUL system better (for example, by
support for the SEUL help system into the app).
This group may also develop new apps, or assist others in developing new
apps, in such a way as specifically be targeted at end-users, and to fit
well with the SEUL system, supporting the SEUL look-and-feel, services,
any other SEUL conventions which develop.