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Re: SEUL: hardware detection

William T Wilson wrote:
> On Sun, 18 Jan 1998, Rick Jones wrote:
> > That was my point.  It get's all it's info from the inf files.
> We'll have to have a similar system ourselves, then.  Perhaps we can get
> one of the nice kernel people to send us PCI-database updates.

I agree.  

> > You've never compressed your hard drive and don't remember installing.
> > Defrag is both GUI and text, ansi, whatever, in Windoze 95.
> Heh.  That's true, I never compressed my hard drive.  Last time I
> installed windows I don't think defrag was part of the process.

Wasn't trying to be a smart ass.  I forget stuff if I haven't fooled
with it in a long time also.  Just yesterday I gave a guy in Debian some
stupid advise about lilo, which I knew inside and out about a year ago,
but time twisted my memory up and spit out some crap.

It only does it during a fresh install or compression.  It has to remove
all the drivers from extended and virtual memory and shutdown disk
caching, so it uses the old scandisk and defrag programs.  If you did an
initial install over DOS 6.22 you probably thought it was that version
and disreguarded it.  Just look in \windows\command directory.  All the
text mode stuff is in there.

Memory may have struck me again.  I see scandisk but not defrag in
there.  I'm going to reboot and check.

> Yes, I do; but does the Win3x recorder COME with Win95, so we can use it?

It doesn't come with it but I have a copy of it.  If not it's at M$ web
site I think.

Let me check.