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Re: SEUL: hardware detection

On Sun, 18 Jan 1998, Rick Jones wrote:

> That was my point.  It get's all it's info from the inf files.

We'll have to have a similar system ourselves, then.  Perhaps we can get
one of the nice kernel people to send us PCI-database updates.

> You've never compressed your hard drive and don't remember installing. 
> Defrag is both GUI and text, ansi, whatever, in Windoze 95.

Heh.  That's true, I never compressed my hard drive.  Last time I
installed windows I don't think defrag was part of the process.

I'll take your word for it that it runs under text mode, however.  This
greatly simplifies our ability to defrag and run FIPS, as our little Win32
install app has naught to do but to conjure up a bootdisk and put the
right programs on it.

> I assume you mean the recorder?  If so, the Win3x recorder does work in
> Windoze 95.

Yes, I do; but does the Win3x recorder COME with Win95, so we can use it?