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SEUL: Target user for SEUL

Time to come out of lurk-mode...

David Cary wrote:

> ...
> >Of course we should always allow for a guru to step in
> >and fix something at the low loevel - IMO much better
> >then forcing a re-install like '95 or Mac (and such
> >situation can occur, e.g. an end-user manages to delete
> >a crucial file: too bad ;)

This raises a question: is the end-user granted root access? Remember a
Win95 convert will be used to a single-user system. They will not wish
to know about such things, and will occasionally need root privilages,
but should not be root all the time to avoid screwing their system up
too easily!Is it practical to have some kind of daemon that senses when
the user doesn't have the privilages needed, and automatically runs su,
with a suitable warning? This may be virtually impossible, I'm just

> Yes; a "simple end-user" should never be *required* to learn vi, but
> it's
> always a good idea to tuck in vi or something at least as useful.
> Perhaps our motto should be "You can do anything, but you don't have
> to."


> ...
> >> 3.1) It must work for those with no net connection.
> >
> >Very important IMO.  In this part of the world, phone
> >calls are so expensive that many people are still not
> >connected (e.g. I pay 8x as much for phone then for my
> >ISP - which makes me feal rather sorry for him :(
> I just don't get it. If a user wants email,
> he *must* have some sort of net connection.

Must evey user want email?

> It would be nice for a system to work for *everyone*,
> but (IMHO) a person who never wants to use email
> is not our target audience.

Why not?

> ...
> >> 3.7) The distribution has to be 'internet-ready' out of the box.
> At least
> >> as much so as Win95...
> >
> >Yeah, very important.
> >[...]
> >kai
> You want it "'internet-ready' out of the box" and yet "It must work
> for
> those with no net connection" ? Color me confused.

Some people have no net connection, and want to use SEUL. Other people
have a dial-up connection, and want to be able to use SEUL with that,
out of the box. Can we uncolour you yet? :-)


Back to lurking...


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