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Re: SEUL: Zoose

> POSIX-certified real-time OS,
> windowing system,
> embedded Web server,
> Internet dialer,
> text editor,
> file browser and other applications
> http://www.qnx.com/iat
> Please download the demo and tell us on SEUL what you think.

Downloaded qnx. Wow.

Pretty much exactly what I was envisaging. It's a kernel with nice gui
over the top, with a fully functional (animgifs,frames,etc) web-browser
showing off the system.

It's kinda depressing actually, another "project" I thought would be
interesting, only to be informed that it's already been done... And
rather well.

The one main problem I have with the system is the gui (but I guess they
would have found it difficult to suit everyone). It's win95 except in
grayscale. The graphics are very fast and lots of little extras are
there, like thumbtracking on most everything etc.

I personally can't see any problems with it, it seems very complete and
expandable to me. I'd be glad if someone else downloaded qnx though, I'd
like to hear someone (more experienced) elses view.

Maybe keeping with a standard-as-possible linux setup, but really
optimized to be less resource hungry (and as such, more intel


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