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Re: SEUL: Mail got bounced: Here are a few msgs that didn't get through...

Micah Yoder wrote:
> Hmm...  My KDE desktop *did* lock up once, after I switched to a console
> with Ctrl-Alt-F2 and back to X a few times.  I had to hit reset.  I
> could move the mouse and scroll the X virtual screen, and I think the
> network services were still running, but I couldn't get the computer's
> attention in any way.  I am still using Beta 1 though.  I'll upgrade
> when Beta 3 comes out.  And it *usually* works just fine when switching
> in and out of X.

I never had the whole system lock, but if I opened KFM and blazed
through the directories (visual snauser, iconic modes) KFM died and
since everything uses KFM nothing would work without restarting. 
Starting KFM-root from the menu, which is seperate, didn't work.  This
was the case with Kedit as well when using file I/O.  I assume that
Kedit makes calls to KFM for file op's and that is why it suffers the
same type of problem.

Not to say that QT is the culpret, I don't know.  I tend to think it's
in the KFM code more than QT.  But it happens and is the same problem
they had a year ago when I was alpha testing for them.  The guy working
on KFM would get shitty with us when we pointed the problem out to him
saying "it's alpha software, if you don't like it don't use it."  That's
when I stopped trying to help.  They'd say they want alpha testers'
input but he hated it and would either bitch us out or ignore us all

Since I see that the same problem exists in the current version, a year
later, I assume he still doesn't listen and thus I have 0 (zero)
confidence in KDE.  Their entire system is based on KFM and the guy
isn't fixing it.  If he's in over his head he should pass the gauntlett
to a programmer that can handle it.  It's got to be the longest running
bug in the history of Linux, for crips sake.