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Re: SEUL: Gurus (Wizards)

(CC'd to UI and Help)


A very good idea.  How about calling it/them Gnurus? =)

Just a thought.

David Freeman wrote:
> One thing that would be nice to add to SEUL would be wizards.  Small
> programs that take a user through complex actions in small, simple
> steps, with help and explanation right there.
> For a new Linux user, this would be comforting and not confuse the user
> with complex dialogs or text files.  We should call the "gurus" since
> this term has not been taken yet.
> Gurus should have explanations and help with every step, so that the
> user feels like they know what they are doing.  Once the user feels
> comfortable with the process, they should be able to switch to a more
> advanced interface that gives them more options, along with more
> advanced help.  This should also have an Expand... option that shows the
> raw configuration file and real-time changes as they switch options.  If
> they feel comfortable with the setup, they can edit the resource file
> directly, using an advanced config file editor.  This would allow a user
> to learn their system, and switch interfaces as they become more
> knowledgable.  All of the gurus should, of course, constantly try to
> TEACH the user, not just say "click here, and here, and then OK".  Gurus
> should say "Clicking here does this, Clicking here does this, Why does
> this do this, you should learn more".
> This also brings up an idea for the help system.  The first thing a user
> should see when they start SEUL is a tutorial.  This tutorial should
> always stress the point of learning and advancing.  A user could perhaps
> go through a 'series' of tutorials.  Start off with "How to use SEUL",
> "How to Setup SEUL", "Design Behind SEUL", "Using the Command Line",
> "Hardware and Your Computer", "What is Linux", etc.  Unlike Windows,
> which makes no effort to educate users, SEUL should provide a series of
> help files, tutorials, that push the user to learn more.  Although SEUL
> is focused towards the new user, we shouldn't mask Linux so much that
> the user never has a chance to learn, and progress to a level beyond
> newbie.
> Help files are nice, but you need to know what you are trying to do to
> use them.  Tutorials should include information not just on how? but on
> what? and why?
> The SEUL distribution be flexible enough to allow a neww user to use it,
> as well as not "dumbing down" the interface to an experienced user.  We
> should also try to make users progress to advanced user from newbie
> users, instead of making them stay in their newbie status.
> Just my US$0.02
> David Freeman