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SEUL: Gurus (Wizards)

One thing that would be nice to add to SEUL would be wizards.  Small
programs that take a user through complex actions in small, simple
steps, with help and explanation right there.

For a new Linux user, this would be comforting and not confuse the user
with complex dialogs or text files.  We should call the "gurus" since
this term has not been taken yet.

Gurus should have explanations and help with every step, so that the
user feels like they know what they are doing.  Once the user feels
comfortable with the process, they should be able to switch to a more
advanced interface that gives them more options, along with more
advanced help.  This should also have an Expand... option that shows the
raw configuration file and real-time changes as they switch options.  If
they feel comfortable with the setup, they can edit the resource file
directly, using an advanced config file editor.  This would allow a user
to learn their system, and switch interfaces as they become more
knowledgable.  All of the gurus should, of course, constantly try to
TEACH the user, not just say "click here, and here, and then OK".  Gurus
should say "Clicking here does this, Clicking here does this, Why does
this do this, you should learn more".

This also brings up an idea for the help system.  The first thing a user
should see when they start SEUL is a tutorial.  This tutorial should
always stress the point of learning and advancing.  A user could perhaps
go through a 'series' of tutorials.  Start off with "How to use SEUL",
"How to Setup SEUL", "Design Behind SEUL", "Using the Command Line",
"Hardware and Your Computer", "What is Linux", etc.  Unlike Windows,
which makes no effort to educate users, SEUL should provide a series of
help files, tutorials, that push the user to learn more.  Although SEUL
is focused towards the new user, we shouldn't mask Linux so much that
the user never has a chance to learn, and progress to a level beyond

Help files are nice, but you need to know what you are trying to do to
use them.  Tutorials should include information not just on how? but on
what? and why?

The SEUL distribution be flexible enough to allow a neww user to use it,
as well as not "dumbing down" the interface to an experienced user.  We
should also try to make users progress to advanced user from newbie
users, instead of making them stay in their newbie status.

Just my US$0.02

David Freeman
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