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Re: SEUL: Gurus (Wizards)

Hey there. I quite agree with your proposals. I/we (I am getting lots
of help pointers from others) are looking into the help that exists
around now. Once this has been gathered up and made usefull
with the help browser, aranging it in just such a way could be
very usefull. Hopefully the help will be gathered within the next
couple of weeks (although the gathering will continue ad-
infinitum) and I will post a summary with a list of topic that still
need covering. I will post these in the seul-dev-help list.

If anyone is interested in doing the wizards any time soon I would
certainly like to know so that we can ensure good integration
between that and the help system.

David Freeman wrote:

> One thing that would be nice to add to SEUL would be wizards.  Small
> programs that take a user through complex actions in small, simple
> steps, with help and explanation right there.


> This also brings up an idea for the help system.  The first thing a user
> should see when they start SEUL is a tutorial.  This tutorial should
> always stress the point of learning and advancing.  A user could perhaps
> go through a 'series' of tutorials.  Start off with "How to use SEUL",
> "How to Setup SEUL", "Design Behind SEUL", "Using the Command Line",
> "Hardware and Your Computer", "What is Linux", etc.  Unlike Windows,
> which makes no effort to educate users, SEUL should provide a series of
> help files, tutorials, that push the user to learn more.  Although SEUL
> is focused towards the new user, we shouldn't mask Linux so much that
> the user never has a chance to learn, and progress to a level beyond
> newbie.
> Help files are nice, but you need to know what you are trying to do to
> use them.  Tutorials should include information not just on how? but on
> what? and why?

Thank you for the suggestions. We will definitely keep them in mind.
Hey! If you want to help write or gather anything let us know in
seul-dev-help :)  (or just mail me for now if you want more info or

Ken Duck