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SEUL: Boring word processors

It's not that word processors are boring. It's that the question you are
trying to
answer isn't always clear. What should a word processor do? Every time
answers that by writing an app the answer to the question changes and
we have a new word processor that creates files that aren't compatible
with the
previous word processor. For awhile I thought SGML would answer the
but now I know I'm wrong.          -Jeff

jfm2@club-internet.fr says while quoting someone else:

> The GIMP competes nicely with similar commercial programs, as Rick
> recently pointed out.  There's no reason why we couldn't do the same
> with office apps.

The GIMP is not office.  Understand than in Free Software you need to
attract developpers.  They will come for something glamourous and with
prestige for a programmers eyes like kernels, compilers or Imaging
software.  Not for something as boring as a Word Processor.