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SEUL: Some notes about objectives and methods

When making SEUL we will have to consider than a chain is as weak as
its weakest link.  That translates for SEUL than at this moment the
goal is making a distribution significantly easier than current ones.
Making a super install than would make jealous a Mac user is useless
if the applications are not user friendly enough.  And in this matter
we can only try to make a better choice from the existing pool than
the choice made by other distributions.  So I think we must
concentrate on eliminating critical bottle necks instead of trying to
make something revolutionnsary.

Someone has also suggested than we have a questionnaire for knowing
what problems are affecting the users.  My method is simply looking at
the postings in the newsgroups and from to time handholding someone
(not by news postings but by mail because it is more personnal) until
the problem is solved.

			Jean Francois Martinez

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