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Re: SEUL: Question about initrd kernel

George Bonser wrote:
> SCENARIO:  User needs PPtP support or some feature not included in the
> kernal so must build a new one, possibly incorporating a patch.
> make clean
> make *config
> make dep
> make clean
> make bzImage
> make modules
> make modules_install
> Does all the right things, puts everything in all the right places, runs
> lilo reboots and now his system is useless.  He reads all the docs, did
> not make a mistake, boots a rescue disk looks everything over, all looks
> good but he can not from the disk any longer.

I would think if he/she is re-compiling the kernel anyway, he/she will
compile in such things anyway.

If he/she doesn't, then he just needs to be informed to enable the
config_modversions option when configuring for modules.  This will allow
him to change kernel versions without updating the modules in the initrd
image.  The new modules should be loaded as usual by modprobe.

Initrd modules should be compiled with config_modversions enabled as

By the time, under normal circumstances, he/she installs some kernel
that breaks initrd modules, he/she will have upgraded wich will/should
upgrade the initrd image as well.