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> On Sat, 31 Jan 1998, Sailesh Krishnamurthy wrote:
> > Won't it be possible to have an "edit" mode in Emacs that would serve this
> > purpose ?
> Hehe.  It would take the average user 3.732 years to learn emacs.
> emacs has no place in SEUL other than an optional package as far as I am
> concerned.

Emacs and Xemacs can be customized to be reasonably user friendly and
they are not bigger than MS-Word.

Emacs and Xemacs can emulate anything, in fact they probably can do
anything.  I am sure if we look well we will find a mode for helping
the user to repair cars or to fly the space shuttle.  :-)

Besides in the Emacs docs you will find cookies recipes.  That means
than Emacs is the only opportunity european users get to taste real
cookies. :-)

No question of putting Emacs optional.

			Jean Francois Martinez

==================== The Linux.  Use the Linux, Luke! =======================