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George Bonser wrote:
> With a system using a package manager, you spend less time on system
> administration and more time getting some productive use out of the
> system.  Slackware is a great system if you goal is to learn Unix system
> administration ... it requires a lot of it.

This is what I was talking about.  It was an example for all of us to
relate t the editor discussion.

My point was that, as in your explaination, even the people that have
the ability to deal with long drawn out processes prefer to use their
time in a more productive mannor.  That is why the average user is
aprehensive about changing to *nix and emacs.  They will have to spend
too much time learning how to do things all over again and too little
time doing what they are lerning to do.

So.  Emacs and vi should not even be an issue.  They are beyond
qualification to fit our target user.  Option yes, but an easy editor is
a must.

Not because our target user can't learn it but because they *don't want
to*.  Not at first anyway.

Out here,

Rick Jones