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Re: SEUL: Re: Comments

Paul Anderson wrote:
> On Mon, 5 Jan 1998, Star's End wrote:
> >       Internet Software:
> >               html browser, graphical ftp client, telnet, graphical email
> Been done.

For many of the tools development seems to be in
an early phase (were program recommandations might
chnage on a daily basis), e.g. in the case of html.
There also seem to be some "new" things such as XML which
could impact the scenary.  At least this category isn't
as well-covered as painting and image manipulation is
by the GIMP :O)

> >               drawing/image editing software
> Ditto.

The GIMP is IMO one of the most amazing apps which
popped up under X lately.

A Corel/Aldus Freehand 'equivalent', though ?

> >       Development:
> >               compilers, interpreters
> >               integrated development environment
> >               debugger
> >
> All that's been covered VERY well.

Hmm, in the case of an IDE, there is work to do ;O)
XEmacs is very nice (I'd use it myself if I had the resources)
but it can't please everyone.  There are many cool things
an IDE could provide which IMO won't fit into the XEmacs
way of doing things very smoothly.

There are also some things lacking altogether AFAIK, such as
an OO design tool integrated in the IDE, a _graphical_
class _hierarchy_ browser for the IDE and some more.

> If you ever want these programs written, DON'T talk about writing them -

Well, I thing the above list is pretty useful.  It's useful for
setting up an end-user distribution because you could fill in
actual apps which "compete for user attention" in each category
as well as for new app developers who want to start hacking but
would like to produce something they want to have _and_ which is
demanded by other people.

The list could also be the basis for a summary of features
typical programs of each category may include.

Then this list could even be used as a guide for end-users
who want to compare different packages which are available.

IMHO this is an interesting starting point.  (Of course not
a sufficient one, but maybe helpful as we go on.)

Best regards,