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SEUL: New 'ToDo' list

I've finally gotten around to writing up a list of activities that
SEUL people are currently working on. Hopefully this will allow people
to better coordinate, and more importantly it will allow people browsing
the website to get a better idea of how they can help out. The list
includes current and affiliated projects, finished (maintained) projects,
projects that are just starting or should start soon, and projects that
are stalled because of lack of activity or lack of need.

So if you're one of those people hanging around in the background because
you don't know what you can help out with, go check out the ToDo list at


We can use volunteers of all backgrounds and all abilities. (And if you have
a project you think is worthwhile and see it isn't listed there, send me
mail and we'll discuss it. (And if I left out your current project, please
be sure to send me mail to tell me.))