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SEUL: initial links.html file

Ok, so I wrote up a draft of a list of important seul-related
links, at


It's barely scratched the surface of what it should be, but it has
some useful links already. I want to avoid turning it into a big pile
of linux links, and focus only on

* Advocacy Projects -- things like seul, independence, LAP, LUP

* Advocacy Links -- documents that convince people that Linux is cool

* Commercial links -- documents that convince companies that Linux
  is cool

* Useful projects -- gamora, casbah, vmailer, etc. Might want a new
  category name.

* End-user apps -- free things like wxftp, that spend their energy on
  a good user interface to something an end-user will want to do

* Commercial apps -- things like staroffice and applix

Anyway, now I want somebody to take charge of this thing and make
it look prettier, because I suck at that. :) It could also use some
buttons to automatically suggest links from people browsing the list.

Once it looks smoother and has more content, I'll link it into the
main seul site, and I suspect it will get a lot of use.

Please let me know if you can help out with this. I need a couple
people who can put in a bit of work every so often to keep it
maintained, as well.