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SEUL: Re: admin tools GUI

> One of the big problems with graphical admin tools is that they
> might require a more restrictive format for the config files than
> a human would normally like. This can cause the admin tool to
> erase changes made by a hardy sysadmin when the changes are
> outside of the limited understanding written into the GUI tool.

So, let us leave the (unlikely in a home setting) handwritten
config files problems to be solved by hand. The GUI tools
would administer only conf files with a limited structure
(not all structures legal in the conf files are supported
by the GUI) and an RCS managed history of the conffile is
maintained by the tool. Thus all hand-made changes
can be later retrieved from the RCS-ed version if a sysadmin
want to redo something by hand (which cannot be done by GUI).


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