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Re: SEUL: Re: file formats (html iz coo

> > Why not use the LDP (Linux Doc Project) books, which are under GPL, are very
> > well written and are already in HTML?
> All the better.. I'm sorry, I didn't know such a beast exsisted.. where 
> can I find copies?

They should come with any large Linux distribution (Debian, Slack, RH).
They can also be found at sunsite and nic.funet.fi and any other
serious Linux repository (perhaps in a directory named LDP or something).

These books (the Linux User Guide, Adm Guide, Netwrk Adm Guide,
Kernel Hacker Guide) are written in linuxdoc-sgml, an sgml flavor
derived from qwertz. This format can (and is) converted to Latex,
info or html (and other forms as well).

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