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Re: SEUL: A few thoughts

On Sat, 31 May 1997, Micah Yoder wrote:

> Greg Bell wrote:
> > Oh just as an aside, I have not mentioned 'business' systems because
> > these are already set up in whatever OS they use an would require too
> > much trouble to change, in my opinion to 'break' into the business arena
> > it has to be from within which again points to why use linux vs
> > W/D/S7/OS2/real UNIX.
> Granted, business users are going to be harder to convert over in mass,
> but I think we do need to make it easy for them as well.  That's where
> the money and real market share are.  Linux *is* a better, more stable
> OS than Win95, and it can easily stand up to the tests businesses would
> put at it.  It *would* need a good office suite, and they would probably
> be willing to pay for Applixware.
I see linux as a business system in more of a server role initially at
least. Certainally Samba goes a long way here.  

Howerver, we need good ipx server support not just the current client
stuff.  The other big issue here is databases.  ADABAS (sp?) comes on
Linux now which is good, but we are going to need something that is
compatible with the big systems that are already in place.  So we could
try to convince Oracle/Sybase/Informix to do a port (Sybase for one has
said they wouldn't because of the lack of asynchronous I/O...but I don't
know all the details).  So support for this could be a real boon.  It
sounds fairly complicated though, and it's a bit out of the realm of this

Once running as a server migration down to the desktops becomes easier.
(If you don't have a fascist IS department that is).  Power users could
certainly see it as a viable option. If Wine was working it would almost
be a no-brainer.

A company looking at spending some $$ for NT Server and realizing they
could install Linux for next to nothing is the way to get the foot in the
door, but Samba configuration has to be easy as well as the regular Linux
install.  Businesses would be more hesitant with the desktops because
there not much of a saving unless you are really doing mass installs,
which I don't see happening soon.
> But if we don't at least put some effort into businesses, we won't put a
> dent into Windows' marketshare.
> I know of a high school here in Oregon with a Linux network.  I'm trying
> to convince my former high school to let me set them up one, and it's
> possible that I'll succeed in that.
that is really cool.  The big arguement here is 1) Unix is the OS of the
internet (its the big buzz right now eh?) and 2) If you use it
for the computer classes you are teaching valuable job skills.

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