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Re: SEUL: A few thoughts

Brian Bruns wrote:

> I see linux as a business system in more of a server role initially at

OK, I can agree with that.  That's probably a good reasons for us to at
least *try* to include the servers in this distribution, including
simple setup procedures.  I believe it's a natural extension of setting
up Linux for the end user.  (They certainly wouldn't be installed by
default....I'm just saying let's give them an easy way to do it.)

> Howerver, we need good ipx server support not just the current client

You mean a Novell compatible server?  One's included with RedHat, though
I've never used it.  Does anyone have any experience with it?

> try to convince Oracle/Sybase/Informix to do a port (Sybase for one has
> said they wouldn't because of the lack of asynchronous I/O...but I don't
> know all the details).  So support for this could be a real boon.  It
> sounds fairly complicated though, and it's a bit out of the realm of 

I don't remember details, but an article in the new Linux Journal
mentions Oracle access in Linux.  Apparently it *is* possible.

> Once running as a server migration down to the desktops becomes easier.


> A company looking at spending some $$ for NT Server and realizing they
> could install Linux for next to nothing is the way to get the foot in

Yeah, but interestingly enough, most companies my company deals with
don't even think twice about buying NT Server, BackOffice, and a bunch
more M$ garbage.  I've told a co-worker that Linux can do about
everything the above can and he basically says that if it can't have
good support.  (We've never once called M$ for support, as they charge
$200 for every call on NT!)

Having said that, perhaps a number of us, once we get this thing
running, should advertise Linux consulting services for a REASONABLE
charge.  If businesses knew we existed and could help them in a
cost-effective way, they'd be more likely to consider Linux.

> that is really cool.  The big arguement here is 1) Unix is the OS of the
> internet (its the big buzz right now eh?) and 2) If you use it
> for the computer classes you are teaching valuable job skills.

Yep.  I'd love to see more students playing with UNIX.
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