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Re: SEUL: User Profiles (?)

On Sat, 31 May 1997, Greg Bell wrote:

> What we should be attempting to determine is not a 'standard' but what a
> new linux user would want.  Even more in my opinion we should play on
> those strong points of linux that would make someone want to use it (we
> can pretty much discount ourselves here as we all are hooked already). 

Different things would appeal to different users. If you are interested in
developing software, the concept of multiple virtual terminals would be
very important (hey, wow, I can edit text files in _text mode_ which I like
'cos it's easy to read, and I can compile something, all at once, and flip
between them). Filename completion (tab), a proper shell scripting language,
background processes, piping, kernel source code, all sorts of things appeal
to programmer types.
Other users might be attracted to low price, stability, PPP network support,
ability to use one computer to connect through PPP and have a local network
running off IP masquerading, possibly (La)TeX, and maybe just because it's

Thomas Molesworth            (thomas@bass.almac.co.uk)

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