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SEUL: Hearts and Minds

I've been reading this List since its beginning <g>, and one thing strikes
me as odd.  The end (ultimate) user hasn't been nailed down.  It's like
putting the cart before the horse.  We seem t/b getting lost in the details,
BEFORE really focusing on who the actual end user is going t/b.  There will
be a time for technical details...just not now.

I'd like to posit that we aim for elementary school kids for the following
    1.  Apple (the corporation) placed many of its machines in elementary
schools in the mid-'80s.  TO THIS DAY, many Apple/Mac users are fiercely
loyal (inordinately some may say) even though technological and corporate
problems have been many.  Essentially, Apple has their hearts and minds.
    2.  School systems across the country are facing budgetary crises.
[There have always been funding problems for education -- but it's really
bad now.]  Linux can "answer" this need:
        a)  It's free/low cost.
        b)  The hardware required can be very low cost.  Linux will run on
most 386s, all 486s, and relatively low MHz Pentiums.  These machines are
fast becoming "obsolete" (although I'm using a 386), and can be quite
inexpensive.  [And, at the current rate of advancement, more machines are
going t/b in this stockpile.]

Obviously, installation and the running of Linux would have t/b very simple.
[However, there could be configuration options that would allow
hacking/personalizing the OS.] 

Another thing.  Many people have not heard of Linux...or if they have, Linux
has the reputation of being both very difficult and appealing only to
"techies."  I would think that a MASSIVE PUBLIC RELATIONS EFFORT is necessary.


P.S.  Also, the concept of network computing and network computers may be
appealing.  School board honchos may like the idea of a centralized server
and thin clients.

P.S.S.  Keep in mind that while the ultimate users will be kids, the
ultimate buyers are school boards/school districts, school system
honchos...and voters.

Subtlety is the art of saying what you think and getting out of the way.


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