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Re: SEUL: A few thoughts

On Sun, 1 Jun 1997, Micah Yoder wrote:

> Brian Bruns wrote:
> > Howerver, we need good ipx server support not just the current client
> You mean a Novell compatible server?  One's included with RedHat, though
> I've never used it.  Does anyone have any experience with it?
Ok, great...I've never used the netware compatible stuff (as I have no
need).  But, I recalled reading it was client-only.  Well, good deal.

> > try to convince Oracle/Sybase/Informix to do a port (Sybase for one has
> > said they wouldn't because of the lack of asynchronous I/O...but I don't
> > know all the details).  So support for this could be a real boon.  It
> > sounds fairly complicated though, and it's a bit out of the realm of 
> I don't remember details, but an article in the new Linux Journal
> mentions Oracle access in Linux.  Apparently it *is* possible.
Hmmm...haven't seen it out.  I believe I'm due for a trip to the book
store.  Sybase offers OpenClient (their call interface stuff), maybe this
is SQL-Net and not the server?  I will look.

Actually, I once had an idea of doing a Sybase/MS SQL-Server clone.  I was
gonna call it "FreeBase" ;)

> Yeah, but interestingly enough, most companies my company deals with
> don't even think twice about buying NT Server, BackOffice, and a bunch
> more M$ garbage.  I've told a co-worker that Linux can do about
> everything the above can and he basically says that if it can't have
> good support.  (We've never once called M$ for support, as they charge
> $200 for every call on NT!)
Sadly, my experience is the same.
> Having said that, perhaps a number of us, once we get this thing
> running, should advertise Linux consulting services for a REASONABLE
> charge.  If businesses knew we existed and could help them in a
> cost-effective way, they'd be more likely to consider Linux.
Isn't there a registery of Linux consultants somewhere?  Apparently it
needs more publicity :)

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