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Re: SEUL: Project Hierarchy and organization (was Re: What GUI style)

On 2 Jun 1997 jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:

> Please try imagining this: an installation procedure asking your
> little sister/brother (the one who does not know what is a hard disk)
> about if she/he prefers fvwm2 or afterstep or about choosing Vi or
> Emacs.

Quite true.  That's why we give them some standard wm during installation.
Then when they have time later on and start surfing through the
distribution CD looking for something to waste time, they'll see the entry
for Enlightenment, see the screen shot, and say "wow, that's cool, I want
my computer to look like that".  So they go and install Enlightenment and
switch their wm from twm to Enligthenment.

We don't ask them at boot for anything but the absolute minimum
requirements for installation.  I only say that there should be a global,
generic database for all configuration options associated with *all*
packages distributed as officially part of the distribution.  That way
people with the spare time or desire to try switching window managers only
have to install it and go edit their user configuration.

The reason I like this is because it will provide a standardized interface
for packages to conform to.  How many times hve you gotten this really
cool package off the net and tried to install it only to find that it puts
files in the wrong places for your distribution, or overwrites files from
some other package, or just plain puts things in the wrong place?

Got goal would be to make installation of new packages in the same class
(i.e. fvwm and twm are in the same class: wm) as painless and transparent
as possible.  If someone migrates from color_xterm to rxvt_imlib (comes
with enlightenment), their settings for background color and title should
stay the same (for example).


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