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Re: SEUL: Project Hierarchy and organization (was Re: What GUI style)

Jean Francois Martinez writes:
> The goal of this project is not making a distribution more Unix than the
> ones we have:...

The goal of this project should not be to make a new distribution at all.
All of the software mentioned on various "must have" lists posted here
(drivers for cheap printers, network servers, window managers...) is
already available in the form of Debian packages.  Debian packages are easy
to install and upgrade, and getting easier (substitute Red Hat if you
wish).  We should concentrate on making installation and initial
administration easy, while remaining entirely compatible with Debian.  The
user must be able to install packages from Debian CD's or from debian.org
transparently.  Let Debian concentrate on packaging, while we concentrate
on making the initial Linux experience a smooth and pleasant one.

John Hasler
jghasler@win.bright.net (John Hasler)
Dancing Horse Hill
Elmwood, WI
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