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SEUL: More Software Installation Ideas

Here's another idea for how to distribute software to users.  Some
aspects of it may have been discussed before, but what do you think of
this plan:

We set up a server on the Internet which keeps track of all programs
specifically "SEUL compatible".  We write a little program for SEUL to
connect to the server and let the user browse the available files. 
There could be a command in the program to list all new files since the
last time the user checked, and give a dialog box to search for all
files between given dates, and/or containing certain keywords, and/or in
a specific file category (games).

The files themselves could be stored as two files:  The package file
itself - X.deb (or X.rpm or X.whatever) and X.seul - installation and
configuration information that our program would use to install it

When the user selects a program, the server could use some kind of A.I.
to point the client to the closest and/or least busy mirror site.  The
SEUL program would then attempt to FTP the program (.deb and .seul
files) and then automatically install it.

The database on the server might contain information like system
requirements, so it could clearly show if a program is not compatible
with the user's computer.

The .seul files could contain whatever is necessary above and beyond the
.deb format - such as menu building instructions or whatever.
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