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SEUL: A Question

I was looking over the messages that I have gotten copies of tonight and
a thought struck me.  It concerns the swap space that a user sets up
during installation.

It is my understanding that in days of yore when linux was first begin
written memory was a rare beast so the Great Linus scratched his mighty
brow and bagat swap space. <forgive the somewhat odd wording of the
above but I have delusions of writing capability)

Any way when linux was being developed it was rare to find a 'user' with
more then 8 megs of memory and a system was devised to swap pages into
and out of memory onto a hard drive.

With that out of the way here is my question, when is a swap disk not
needed, or perhaps how much memory is required before the benifits of a
swap disk are negated.  In it's native bootup linux can only recognize
64 megs of memory so is the break even point 64 megs or 32megs or what
or is it at a much lower level, say 16 megs???


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