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RE: SEUL: A Question

On 05-Jun-97 Greg Bell wrote:
>I was looking over the messages that I have gotten copies of tonight and
>a thought struck me.  It concerns the swap space that a user sets up
>during installation.
>Any way when linux was being developed it was rare to find a 'user' with
>more then 8 megs of memory and a system was devised to swap pages into
>and out of memory onto a hard drive.

Some of those ancient computers are still in use...

>With that out of the way here is my question, when is a swap disk not
>needed, or perhaps how much memory is required before the benifits of a
>swap disk are negated.  In it's native bootup linux can only recognize
>64 megs of memory so is the break even point 64 megs or 32megs or what
>or is it at a much lower level, say 16 megs???

I think it woud break even around 16 MB, 8 MB without X. Some of the heaviest
compile jobs may not run, but otherwise the system is usable. I think there's 
no need to enable swap for installation purposes if there's 8 MB or more. After
installation, well, it does no harm... ...unless you have a <100 MB disk, of 
course :)

> Greg
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