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Re: SEUL: undling with PCs

Thomas Dietel wrote:
> I dont't have any contacts in this area, but Vobis, the biggest vendor of
> PCs in Germany tried to bundle OS/2 with its PC about two years ago, but was
> set under pressure by Mirosoft and had to bundle with Windows again.
> So we shouldn't put too much hope in a large company bundling PCs with
> Linux.
> Anyway, first of all we need a stable and easy-to-use Linux if we want
> any vendor to bundle it with its PCs, and then we can think about going
> to dealers and talk to them.

Didn't the FTC rulings put a stop to M$'s ability to demand that PC
vendors only bundle their OSs?

I bet we could get a few pre-load deals though, and in fact there
already are a few companies who do it.  (See Linux Jounral ads.)

But we probably shouldn't waste bandwidth talking about preloads before
we have something to pre-load.  :-)

Micah K. Yoder            My computer is 100% Microsoft free!
yoderm@geocities.com      Support freedom in computing:  Use Linux!
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