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Re: SEUL: RAM and Swap Space

Jeffrey S. Dutky writes:
> ...most Intel PC's have serious problems with more than 64 MB of RAM or
> so. (due to the design of the cache controller, I believe) Also, most
> Intel motherboards can't address more that 64 MB or so.

Few if any Intel motherboards have any difficulty addressing any amount of
memory up to 4G.  Some cannot cache more than 64M if they do not have
suffient cache, but this does not prevent the extra memory from being
accessed: it just makes it slow.

> X Windows is famous for it's high RAM needs.

I run X in 16M with no swapping.

> If LINUX can use a swap file in the normal file system instead of a
> separate swap partition I think that would be a good solution.

I had to switch my old machine (386/33, 8M) from a swap partition to a swap
file due to HD problems.  The difference is dramatic.  It made X unusable.

> The user wouldn't have to worry about divying up the hard drive...

The disk will have to be partitioned anyway (unless Linux is to be the only
os).  The swap partition can be created with no user intervention.

> ...and it wouldn't be too different an experience to running Windows or
> MacOS. (both of which can use fixed size swap files allocated within the
> regular file system)

They came to Linux for a different experience.  Let's give it to them.
Speed is one of the advantages of Linux.  Using a swap file throws that

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