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Re: SEUL: RAM and Swap Space

Jeffrey S. Dutky wrote:

> Well, IIRC, LINUX has the option of using either a file or a partition
> as
> swap space. Therefore, there is no real need to allocate swap space as a
> separate partition. Further, I didn't think that LINUX had a limit on
> the
> amount of memory it could deal with, (I have a 150 MB swap partition on
actually fresh from the box, so to speak, Linux can handle 64 megs of
memory with no problem.  Anything higher has to be configured via LILO
(still haven't figured out why the 64 meg limit as the kernel can access
some humongeous amount of memory [like tetrabytes])
> my
> box) but most Intel PC's have serious problems with more than 64 MB of
> or so. (due to the design of the cache controller, I believe) Also, most
> Intel motherboards can't address more that 64 MB or so.
Ummmm, I do believe you are mistaken in this, the older motherboards may
have had such a problem but the newer ones all can address at lest 128
megs (with some up to 1 gig [at least that is how it was advertised])


> - Jeff Dutky

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