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re: SEUL: undling with PCs

> > >And don't forget that almost
> > >every system sold nowadays has a free copy of Win95 and Office with it, so
> > >it might be a better idea to aim this thing so that it is a viable
> > >alternative (being cheap) to Win95 as a new system bundle option.
> > 
> > yes! i think system bundles with linux could be a real success.
> Does anyone have any contacts in this area?

I dont't have any contacts in this area, but Vobis, the biggest vendor of 
PCs in Germany tried to bundle OS/2 with its PC about two years ago, but was 
set under pressure by Mirosoft and had to bundle with Windows again. 
So we shouldn't put too much hope in a large company bundling PCs with 
Anyway, first of all we need a stable and easy-to-use Linux if we want 
any vendor to bundle it with its PCs, and then we can think about going 
to dealers and talk to them.

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