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Re: SEUL: A few thoughts

> stuff.  The other big issue here is databases.  ADABAS (sp?) comes on
> Linux now which is good, but we are going to need something that is
> compatible with the big systems that are already in place.  So we could
> try to convince Oracle/Sybase/Informix to do a port (Sybase for one has
> said they wouldn't because of the lack of asynchronous I/O...but I don't
> know all the details).  So support for this could be a real boon.  It
> sounds fairly complicated though, and it's a bit out of the realm of this
> list.

As far as I know, all SCO apps should run on Linux, with iBCS2. I am now
trying to convince a company of their need for Linux, and they absolutely
need Informix. Informix has made a SCO Unix version, and I am trying to
get and test if it works. When it does work, i'll post a message.

Michel Wilson
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